/詞: 天藍; 曲: 水晶; 演唱:安心;攝像:Steven wang/麗麗;編輯/洪波

Published on May 27, 2015
There is a big chimney in China.
The smoke is rising slowly into the sky.
Have you seen the noble souls, streaming in the wind.

The hands with the knives are trembling.
Keeping silent with their masks on.
However,their eyes still show the evil that threatened and lured them.

These incisions covered their hands with blood which can never be washed away. They have fallen into bottomless pit.

Underneath the azure sky.
Please do not torture the kindness
Underneath the azure sky
Please do not torture the kindness

Reach out your hands!
We don’t want to keep silent anymore
Reach out your hands
We can’t keep silent anymore

The noble souls are gone with the wind.